Egner's Exterior Cleaning has been exceptional company performing our exterior washing for over ten years. August of 2012 they brought to our attention the oxidation, fading, and surface damage of our 22 year old home. Egner's recommended the Revinylize process.


We are proud of our beautiful landscaped yard and have invested in a gorgeous stone created deck and driveway, but our home still looked 22 yrs old. We decided to Revinylize our home. I can't say enough about the results, I pulled out pictures of our beautiful home when we purchased it and sure enough the finished process looked like the day we bought it. I recommend this process to everyone! I must say Revinylize is beyond superior and pristine to work with.


Penny Pelzer (El Cortez Village)

Dear Phil,
We are extremely happy we saw your ad for Revinylize.  It is just what we'd been searching for.  Our siding was looking faded and sad.  We had already investigated our options with the manufacturer.   Your process and professionalism were great.  We are thrilled with the results..  Thank you so much.
Barbara and Denis Hodge (Poinciana Village)


Even though we had our house pressure washed every year, the vinyl siding lost its luster and color. It also became chalky as evidenced by running your hand across the siding. All of this was caused by oxidation, sun and weather. After having the siding revinylized our original color and luster was back. Also, with this product and its warranty it will protect the siding for years to come from oxidation, lost of color and luster.
Brian and Phil are very professional with this business and the job was done on time and to our complete satisfaction. The cost of revinylize versus replacing all of the siding was a tremendous savings.


Jim and Jan Williams

Village homeowners since 2003



We have waited so long in letting you know how we feel about the job you and your men did for us on our vinyl siding, in order to test the time. First let us say we were really impressed with the professional way everyone showed from beginning to end. The vinyl siding was eight years old and chalking and becoming brittle. The finish was becoming dull and the color was fading.  Having had vinyl siding on several homes here in Florida, I knew the signs and effects of the sun on vinyl siding. Since I have a background in chemistry, your explanation of the product and process was right on point. Now, almost a year later, everything is as you said and I had hoped for.  The color was brightened and chalking is not more evident.  A clear sheen has been maintained.  There is no evidence of becoming brittle and the edges are pliable. Everything is as you said and there is not accumulation of dirt or insects on the surface.  Rain knocks any dust and brings out the color and sheen. Finally, we are glad we made the decision to have it done. 


Wishing you success with your endeavor.  I am glad to recommend your work and process.



George H. Steele