Egner's Exterior Cleaning house washing service has been in business since 2000. Our goal is to provide a professional service that will continue to grow, and to absolutely never compromise our quality. One step at a time, year after year, we have been able to achieve that goal. We believe the growth of EEC is built on a day-to-day foundation: response, customer service, personnel, honesty, quality workmanship -- simply doing exactly what we promise, and listening to the concerns of our customers.


   Over the past decade we have dealt with different cleaning challenges, such as tar streaks, iron, rust, etc., in addition to everyday mold, mildew, dust and dirt. We always find the proper solution for the problem, resulting in satisfied customers. Our product knowledge as a company helps our customers save money; often something they thought was ruined can be saved instead of replaced.


   Eventually, customers started to ask us "what is this white chalking on our home?" At that point EEC had a challenge. “I’m sorry, we can't help you” was never an option. We researched the problem and learned that UV rays are most harmful to the life of vinyl siding. They break down the surface, then the vinyl loses its luster and starts to fade and become brittle. The end result is a white chalky film known as oxidation.


   The big question: how do we fix this and make it look new again? Years of questions and research lead me to the man I was looking for, a chemical engineer in the Northeast, who had the answers to our problems. Our miracle product had been tested and proven for exactly what we were trying to accomplish; however, it had been put on the shelf and was not in production. The engineer's job was to invent, not to market and produce.


   After a significant period of time, communication with the engineer allowed him to understand our needs and goals: to restore faded and oxidized vinyl, to execute our business plan, and to justify our confidence in giving an amazing product a worthy name. The chemical engineer was on board, willing to produce and allow us exclusive rights to the product. ReVinylize was born!!


   Along with EEC’s amazing growth each year, as well as the responsibility of a family of three young children, I realized I could not do it all without the help of my amazing wife, Lauren. Needing more help in launching ReVinylize, I brought on lifelong friend and building contractor, Brian Sellers. Brian was amazed at this product and agreed with its potential. His dedication was what I was looking for in a business partner. Brian Sellers was the last piece to the operating puzzle. As a company, ReVinylize, Inc., Phil Egner and Brian Sellers will give their utmost effort to following the same solid foundation created by EEC.